Notarial certification of translations in Odessa

Notarial certification of translation is a procedure during which a notary certifies with his signature and seal the signature of the executor (translator) and the compliance of the translation with the original document. It is performed in situations when documents need to be used in other countries. Often these are life moments such as education, employment, marriage, real estate purchase, and so on. Therefore, the implementation of the translation and its official certification require compliance with certain rules and regulations of the law, which is permissible with the professionalism of the translator and the legal literacy of the notary.

In the Translation Agency "Kursiv" you can order notarial certification of translations, which have been performed by experienced specialists in compliance with all the rules and regulations. The Agency employs a team of professionals who are fluent in foreign languages and are well versed in various areas of modern life.

Peculiarities of notarial certification

Translation of documents with notarial certification is carried out only by professional certified translators, as well as in compliance with the legislation. In case of non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the law, the translated documents will not be considered official. The notary makes sure to check the documents confirming translator's linguistic education and qualification in details. The notary enters all the information into a special Register. With his signature and stamp, he confirms the authenticity of the signature of the qualified translator, thereby guaranteeing the legality and officiality of the translation.
The main requirements for documents, the translation of which is subject to notarial certification:

Advantages of ordering a notarial certification in Agency “Kursiv”

“Kursiv” is a translation agency with notarial certification, which cooperates with public and private notaries in Odessa. Experienced specialists of the Agency will quickly and professionally translate texts of varying complexity into any foreign language. They also work with various documents whose translation needs to be certified by a notary. Professionals in their field will check the document for compliance, advice on any issues, and help solve problems of varying complexity.

Professional translation of documentation with notary approval occurs as follows. The client submits a document or its notarized copy to the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, where competent and experienced specialists perform its translation. Then the original document and its translation, signed and sealed by the translator, are submitted to the notary for consideration and approval. The whole process is well-established; it is carried out at a high professional level in the shortest possible time.

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