Requesting documents from the justice authorities

Requesting documents from the justice authorities is the procedure for requesting, processing and receiving current duplicates of documents previously issued by state authorities. It is carried out in case of replacement of a lost or damaged document, as well as if it is necessary to obtain a second copy for filing at the place of demand. Often this service is needed by citizens of Ukraine who have gone abroad. Requests for documents may be needed in another country when applying for citizenship, employment, marriage, registration of a newborn, receiving an inheritance, opening bank accounts, applying for a pension, drawing up a family tree and when solving other bureaucratic issues.

Requesting documents from the Registry Office

In Ukraine, information about all documents that have been issued to a citizen is stored in a registry or database of the authority that issued this or that document. This can be the archive of the Ministry of Justice, the Civil Register, etc. Requests for documents from the Registry Office are carried out when it is necessary to re-obtain Certificates of Marriage, Birth, Death, Divorce, Change of Surname, Name or Patronymic, as well as archival extracts (including archival documents from the times of the USSR). You can get a copy of any document that will have full legal force upon prior request. There is no single official organization that is authorized to request documents. This can be done by the citizen who needs to obtain a duplicate of his personal documents, as well as by a person or organization authorized by him.

Requesting documents in Odessa

In order not to waste time and effort, it is better to order the requesting documents in a specialized organization by authorizing another person. In Odessa, such a service is provided by our Translation Agency “Kursiv”, which guarantees complete confidentiality of the customer’s personal data, professionalism and optimal fast results.

To order a document request service from the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, you will definitely need to sign a Power of Attorney for an employee of the Agency, as well as provide:

It often takes about two weeks to complete the request for documents from the justice authorities, but the time frame may vary depending on the speed of processing the application by local authorities. In addition, the Translation Agency "Kursiv" offers professional translation of documents of different purposes into any language and their further legal certification (legalization or apostilization). A team of experienced specialists will competently and quickly perform all the work, observing linguistic norms and legislation.

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