Apostille to the documents in Odessa

An apostille to the documents is a standardized form of international significance with information that certifies the authenticity and officiality of the document. It is affixed on original documents and their copies for submission to the countries that have signed The Hague Convention of 1961. According to this Convention, an apostille requires no other legal certification or legalization of the document. Documents thus affixed with an apostille are legally valid and recognized by all the authorities of the countries that are parties to The Hague Convention.

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a stamp of a certain form affixed to a document, which is filled with specific information. According to The Hague Convention, it is filled in with the text in English or French, or in the language of the state, where the document was received. According to the legislation of Ukraine, the apostille stamp affixed on the document is issued in the state Ukrainian language. Since this document will be provided to the authorities of another foreign state, the professional translation of the document is carried out along with an apostille.
Apostille is a stamp, the size of which approximately 10x10 cm. It is filled with the following obligatory information:

Peculiarities of apostille affixing in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the apostille is affixed in different instances depending on the type of document, the purpose of its use and the organization that issued it. Three state bodies of Ukraine are authorized to affix the apostille of documents:
Apostille and its receipt for different documents have features that may change from time to time, due to the reorganization of state bodies and changes in legislation. The time and cost vary depending on various factors: the authorized body affixes the apostille, the type of document and the country where it will be submitted, and other factors. Apostille is not affixed on documents issued by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, as well as on documents of an administrative nature that relate directly to customs and commercial operations.

Where to affix an apostille in Odessa?

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Apostille of documents in the Ministry of Justice

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Apostille of educational documents

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