Certificate of Criminal Record in Odessa

Every citizen of our country is faced with situations where he needs a Certificate of Criminal Record. After all, it is this document confirms that at the time of its receipt of a person has not been convicted, was not previously brought to criminal responsibility, or was, but already removed or canceled, that is not wanted and is not listed as convicted. This Certificate may be required in various situations. For example, when applying for a job, to participate in tenders, to implement the adoption or guardianship, registration of citizenship, registration or updating of official documents, apply for a visa to travel abroad, and in other situations. Often, a Certificate of Criminal Record is needed by Ukrainian citizens abroad to resolve various bureaucratic issues.

Request, translation and certification of the Certificate of Criminal Record

Certificate of Criminal Record is a document of official significance, which contains reliable information about the absence (presence) of a person’s criminal record. This Certificate is issued by the law enforcement bodies at the personal preliminary request of a citizen of Ukraine. It is one of the mandatory documents for travelling to another country. According to the majority of foreign countries it is impossible to get a visa, to get a job, to make bank transactions etc. without this document.

If the Certificate of Criminal Record is needed for another state, it is imperative to make its professional translation and notarization confirming its legal force. According to the current legislation, a Notary can certify the translation of a document, which was performed by a professional translator with a higher linguistic education. By affixing his seal and signature, the notary confirms that the translation has been translated by a qualified translator and gives it legal force for use in the territory of another country.

Where to order a Certificate of Criminal Record in Odessa?

If you need a translated and notarized Certificate of Criminal Record in Odessa, please contact the Translation Agency “Kursiv”. Qualified translators work here, who will make a professional translation into any language in optimal time. The Agency cooperates with private and state notaries of the city of Odessa, so as quickly as possible will be carried out notarial certification of the document.

To order a translation and the Certificate of Criminal Record in the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, you can call by the telephone number indicated on the website, send a document for translation by e-mail or deliver it personally to the office. The Translation Agency “Kursiv” will fulfill its work at a high professional level at comparatively reasonable prices, ensuring complete confidentiality of the personal information of each client.

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