Legal translation is accuracy and literacy

Legal translation is a highly specialized branch, which is the translation into different languages ​​of texts that relate to the legal field and are used by people to provide important information. Such texts are saturated with the corresponding terminology; they often have a strictly established form of the document. For the correct transmission of data or information, it is necessary that the target language is as accurate, reliable and professional as possible. This is very important, as the slightest mistake or inaccuracy in judgment can lead to serious legal consequences, fines and even legal proceedings.

High-quality professional legal translation in Odessa is carried out by the Translation Agency “Kursiv”. The work is carried out by experienced and competent translators who, in addition to impeccable knowledge of foreign languages, specialize in the nuances of the lawful and legal industry of different countries.

Translation of legal documents - features and subtleties

Translation of documents and other texts of legal nature requires special skills. This field of translation differs from other ones by the necessity to adhere to accuracy and terminology, clarity of language and reliability of information. A legal translator should have extensive knowledge in this area. Indeed, each state has its own legal characteristics and traditions; every language has its own terminology and stable verbal constructions to denote some or other legal phenomena.

Translation of legal documents requires official confirmation, as it is often used in important life sectors and should comply with the norms of the legislation of a particular country. As a rule, a notary certification is carried out, and there must also be an endorsement with the seal and signature of the translation agency specialist. It is important that the result of the translation is an adequate official document, which the receiving party or government agencies will not doubt.

High-quality legal translation in the "Kursiv"

Translation Agency "Kursiv" offers legal translations of such basic documents:
Certified translators of the Translation Agency "Kursiv" have worthy experience in working with legal documentation. They not only have an excellent knowledge of foreign languages but also the necessary knowledge of the legal field in different countries, they are well versed in legislation and have a good command of legal terminology. The translation will be professionally done in the shortest possible time. The text will be translated taking into account legal norms; the text will have stylistic completeness, maximum accuracy and compliance with the original. If necessary, the translated document will be notarized in accordance with the legislation of a particular state.

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