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Effective communication is much more than just an exchange of phrases. Each conversation is accompanied by subtle gestures and specific facial expressions. Correct interpretation of non-verbal messages is crucial for successful negotiations.

Interpretation requires a lot of skills, as well as developed stress resistance. You need to be able to quickly adapt to uncomfortable conditions in order to convey the essence of the message without losing important information.

Interpretation services offered by our Translation Agency are performed by reliable professionals. Our interpreters are not only fluent in foreign languages but also familiar with foreign cultures and customs of foreigners. Our specialists have both the relevant education and proven extensive professional experience, which is extremely important in this type of translation.

Types of interpretation:

Interpretation in Odessa has several types, which the specialists of our company use in their work. The main types are: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation in Odessa means translation of fragments of speech of the speaker who makes pauses during his speech. Pauses are made so that the interpreter can convey the message he has heard in the foreign language, reinforcing it with notes made on the spot. This type of interpretation is ideal for events where the message is addressed to numerous people, and the dynamics allow for short pauses to present the content to foreign-language listeners.

Simultaneous interpretation

This type of translation is considered the most complex. Simultaneous interpretation involves listening to the speaker’s message and conveying it to the audience almost simultaneously. Simultaneous interpretation is performed in a specialized booth equipped with a microphone and headphones. Due to the stressful nature of the work, large events are serviced by at least two interpreters – regular recovery breaks are necessary to maintain the high quality of services.

Simultaneous interpretation is used primarily during major international conferences, trade shows and other industry events where simultaneous translation into multiple languages ​​is required. It is the team of experienced translators that allows participants from different countries to freely and effectively exchange opinions and even have lively discussions.

What purposes are interpretation suitable for?

Experienced specialists of our Translation Agency provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for important meetings and events. Interpretation in Odessa is most often used for:

Advantages of ordering interpretation from us

We have only experienced linguists and translators fluent in languages. We will help you to arrange negotiations, business meetings, trainings, seminars, conferences and any events. If you are wondering how to order, how long will it take and what the cost, then contact us. The ordering procedure is quite simple and does not require a huge investment in time. It is enough to place an application on the website, and our administrator will call you back to clarify the details.

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