Certification of the translation with the seal of the Translation Agency

Certification of a translation with the seal of a Translation Agency is a service that confirms that the work has been done at the proper level by a certified translator, who works in a specialized company. A translation certified in this way is called official or certified. Its quality meets the norms and standards, and the information is correct and corresponds to the original. This service is in great demand, because not all documents can be notarized.

Each country has its own laws regarding official translations of different documents. Official certification of a translation with a seal in Ukraine can be made by legally certified companies specialized in translation activities. Such a company is the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, which employs experienced certified translators who know many foreign languages.

When translations shall be certified by the Translation Agency seal?

Certification with a stamp of a translation agency may be needed in various life situations, for example, when working with legal, medical, technical or financial texts. As a rule, this service is initially included in the translation cost, but you can order it separately. In such a situation, a specialist of the Translation Agency checks the text, stamps and signs it if it is correct. The seal is an official confirmation that the information corresponds to the original, but it does not give legal force to the document.

The translated text and document are almost always stamped by the Translation Agency with the signature of the translator. Some institutions and organizations require notarial certification of the translation, but often guarantees in the form of confirmation from the Translation Agency are sufficient.

Certification of the translation with a stamp may be needed for:

Certification with the seal of a Translation Agency in Odessa

Translation Agency "Kursiv" works with texts of various and all kinds of documentation. Translations are carried out into different foreign languages by experienced certified specialists who are well versed in any topic. If necessary, the agency may notarize the translation. But often it is enough to have a guarantee in the form of seal and signatures.
The translation certification process at the Agency “Kursiv” is carried out in the shortest possible time, including the following stages of work:
If you need to consult, specify the cost and terms of work, you can always contact the managers of the Translation Agency "Kursiv". They will answer immediately, get acquainted with your orders and tell you the terms and cost within 20 minutes. You just need to send the file in the form or by email.

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