Legalization of documents in Odessa

Legalization of documents is carried out in order to give them legal force and legality in certain countries. This procedure allows certain documents issued in one state to be officially used in another. The legalization procedure has its own characteristics. They may differ depending on the legislation of the state in which a document is going to be used. Before legalization of documents to be used abroad, it is necessary to have a competent professional translation. Translation Agency “Kursiv” will help in this matter, providing a full range of services for the translation and legalization of any documentation.

How is the legalization of documents carried out?

In Ukraine, the legalization of documents is carried out in situations where they are planned to be used in the countries, which are not members of The Hague Convention of 1961. The countries participating in this Convention require apostille instead of legalization. States requiring legalization of documents: Canada, Brazil, Jordan, China (except Hong Kong and Macau), Lebanon, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, UAE and others. Legalization is valid and legal only in the state for which it was carried out.

In the process of legalization, special seals and stamps are put on the document, which certify the authenticity of the official and his signature, as well as the seal of the state body that issued the document. Depending on the purpose and type of document, legalization is carried out in such state bodies of Ukraine as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health.

Legalization of documents in the Translation Agency “Kursiv”

If you are interested in the legalization of documents in Odessa, please contact the Translation Agency “Kursiv”. A qualified team of specialists will not only perform professional translation of any documents, including highly specialized ones, but also legalize them in accordance with the legislation. By contacting the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, you are guaranteed to receive a number of advantages:
By contacting the Translation Agency “Kursiv”, you will get your documents, professionally translated into the necessary language and legalized for use in a particular country.

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